Area Man Hears Mechanical Chicken of Youth, Turns 5

If there was a sound who's contours have remained nearly perfectly etched into my adult brain despite over two decades of absence, it was the clucking of a giant, mechanical chicken that lived in a glass box in a local sporting goods store. In the two-floor emporium of guns (and even a shooting range), fishing gear,…Read more Area Man Hears Mechanical Chicken of Youth, Turns 5

Area Man Discovers Source of All Things In Local Library

As a child, I frequented our local public library. My interest in reading was mild, but my interest in the "what's wrong with this picture?" part of Highlights Magazine was fanatical. Even more compelling than my lust for Highlights Magazine* was my fixation on a single object: I was a devoted and very small patron…Read more Area Man Discovers Source of All Things In Local Library

Sawtooth Waves in a Chainsawng

"A Chorus of Teeth"   In 15 years, the saplings had grown tall. Condescending, even? They jockey for sunlight, etching out the weaker ones, Those youthful and brash who must see the end, but do not accept defeat for some years. The wooden chorus ascends ever-upward until the sky would have them no closer. They…Read more Sawtooth Waves in a Chainsawng

Crosswalking With Or Without You, Sun

A Crossing at 6:54 AM, Port Angeles   Rain pesters the Olympic Peninsula, and like the parent/guardian of the stuff, You learn to drown it out. My sister and I steered our car toward Port Angeles, It's a club-house of which the wintering light is not a member. We debate whether the homes we pass have kitchy junkyard style, Or…Read more Crosswalking With Or Without You, Sun

Summer’s Berries/Winter’s Shackles

This is a recording of rain falling on through the fir trees in the maritime Northwest. The understory of the fir-forest is largely occupied by unfruitful brambles in late October. October Rain On Brambles   Brambled And So Tart Every summer in Washington, the muscly brambles offer up a mild apology to the ecosystem in exchange for…Read more Summer’s Berries/Winter’s Shackles