Loaves of Sourdough Encased In Ice (Goodbye Alaska)

Apparently spring officially began a few days ago, which feels about right. I had noticed a sharp rise in birdsong, non-lethal temperatures had begun to make appearances, and we were getting about 17 minutes of extra daylight every day. On my morning walk, I noticed that I could at last see chunks of gravel and the…Read more Loaves of Sourdough Encased In Ice (Goodbye Alaska)

Audio+Word: Off To The Mercury Store

Additional Mercury Required Off To the Mercury Store The key will turn, The engine must be wrestled out of submission. These days, there's only enough mercury to fill the thermometer to -40.   So you go to the mercury store. "I need it hotter" you tell the clerk. "We don't carry Mercury, sir." He says…Read more Audio+Word: Off To The Mercury Store

Audio+Word: Absence of Heat Vs. Gravity: FIGHT

Icicles Forever (Feat. Crushed Snow)   The suggestion of an icicle's downward dive, Caught striving without noticeable animation, Like the declaration of an objection, All momentum moving the indignant thing out. Filling the mind and heart, and migrating to the lungs, throat, and mouth of the objector, all set to fly off into our ears, wagging-finger…Read more Audio+Word: Absence of Heat Vs. Gravity: FIGHT

Audio+Word: Creaky Ol’ Birch (Mumblemumblemumble)

Creaky Ol' Birch and the Estranged Wind   High winds, an uncommon guest in boreal forests of the north, Like your estranged uncle Lee: Transient and disruptively stumbling through the house. Blown in for the Holiday without warning, Birch family become uneasy but say nothing, The Birches, stately, remain dutifully subdued. Except Grandpa, who is…Read more Audio+Word: Creaky Ol’ Birch (Mumblemumblemumble)

Dogs Bark, Obfuscate Interior Lives

The Opposite of Silence   There are northern fields of snow, Being able to imagine them otherwise is for the strong-minded only, Tunnels are formed by birches bowing to the tyrannical snowflakes, Through which a sled will cruise. Hark! The Yukon Quest and Iditarod Glory, the small kings who mush much, Referent to a fixed point…Read more Dogs Bark, Obfuscate Interior Lives

Sawtooth Waves in a Chainsawng

"A Chorus of Teeth"   In 15 years, the saplings had grown tall. Condescending, even? They jockey for sunlight, etching out the weaker ones, Those youthful and brash who must see the end, but do not accept defeat for some years. The wooden chorus ascends ever-upward until the sky would have them no closer. They…Read more Sawtooth Waves in a Chainsawng

Mike Puts Up His Dukes Against Death

 Dark Dwellings This is the highlight reel of my experience being taken into a cave in Arizona. The story arc is somewhat detectable just through the audio, but it goes like this: Finds mouth of cave>having goofy cave fun>finding a cave lake>getting lost/fearing death OF NOTE: The dimensionality of the cave is highly observable from…Read more Mike Puts Up His Dukes Against Death