The Innkeeper Retires: Roll Credits

After 108 mystical days, my service is now complete as the Innkeeper of Alaska. It has at times been frustrating, transcendent, boring, and thrilling. It was uniformly cold. A great portion of my time as the Innkeeper was spent in hiding, reclusively retreating to my hermitage to mutter expletives about the guests under my breath.…Read more The Innkeeper Retires: Roll Credits

Innkeeper Diaries: The Final Battle (Act 1)

I have lived through 93 days of Fairbanks winter. I have weathered the weather, the sensation that every vehicle could become a coffin at any moment, minimal daylight, Chinese rescue-operations, social isolation, and dry-cabin life. Each hurdle has been adequately spaced from the others, allowing me to complete this steeple chase relatively well. As I…Read more Innkeeper Diaries: The Final Battle (Act 1)

Innkeeper Diary: An Acoustic Witch Hunt

The Innkeeper's eyes are no longer rapidly moving, Just after last night's submersion in the think-tank of dreams, He sat letting fake firelight from a electronic fireplace wash him of sleep. Through quiet study, he saw the flames were well-programmed to appear random, But they, too, followed orders from above. As he consider the overwhelming task…Read more Innkeeper Diary: An Acoustic Witch Hunt