Area Man Hears Mechanical Chicken of Youth, Turns 5

If there was a sound who's contours have remained nearly perfectly etched into my adult brain despite over two decades of absence, it was the clucking of a giant, mechanical chicken that lived in a glass box in a local sporting goods store. In the two-floor emporium of guns (and even a shooting range), fishing gear,…Read more Area Man Hears Mechanical Chicken of Youth, Turns 5

Audio+Word: Majesty Descending

    (Birchlife: Doing Nothing>Keeping Smart Mammals Warm) The stately Birches have been swimming up to the sky since forever. Unflinchingly watching plagues, the rise and fall of empires, and all four Madagascar movies. All this to be hacked up in 2017 by a poorly-handled chainsaw and maul.   Their mangled majesty is stashed inside the nearby cabin…Read more Audio+Word: Majesty Descending

Innkeeper Diary: An Acoustic Witch Hunt

The Innkeeper's eyes are no longer rapidly moving, Just after last night's submersion in the think-tank of dreams, He sat letting fake firelight from a electronic fireplace wash him of sleep. Through quiet study, he saw the flames were well-programmed to appear random, But they, too, followed orders from above. As he consider the overwhelming task…Read more Innkeeper Diary: An Acoustic Witch Hunt