Area Man Goes to 34 Concerts, Is Still Lost in Prague

Oh, the deep sense of loss that I have covered so much ground without having time to properly write about it. Thus, many of my memories will go unexpressed to you, dear reader. You will never know my surprise and whittling joy at riding an oven-like train for six hours into Romania, or the fear…Read more Area Man Goes to 34 Concerts, Is Still Lost in Prague

Vienna: Mo’ Money, Mo’Zart

Arriving in Vienna was suspiciously painless. It is almost as though I have finally mastered the art of endlessly navigating new public transit systems. Also, my ability to magnetize strangers to pity/assist me has risen to an all-time high. I have become a beacon of obvious confusion towards which the culturally-moored direct their assistance. I have been…Read more Vienna: Mo’ Money, Mo’Zart

Copenhagen: Fokes with Spokes

And thus Feeled Recordings stepped into the global arena as I departed the United States. Norwegian Airlines: Not For The Thrifty of Heart I arrived in Copenhagen after approximately 10 hours on a Norwegian Air flight that did not include water or any food. It was like being in a flying prison that I elected to…Read more Copenhagen: Fokes with Spokes

Song: New Orleans Feel (Vol. 1)

Before I derailed into writing short posts about playing Bubble Bobble and Secret Doors in Public Libraries, I had a goal for Feeled Recordings, which was to make musical and non-music constructions from found sounds that I had been collecting. This is the first piece in what I anticipate will be a slow series of…Read more Song: New Orleans Feel (Vol. 1)

The Case of the Mysterious Cat-Community of Ediz Hook

I shoveled another fist-sized bite of curry into my mouth on a predictably drizzly night in Port Angeles. I asked for 4/5 spicy, because I thought I could handle it, which turned out to be inaccurate. Each time the next bite made contact with my mouth, regret was born anew. During my culinary sauna, the waiter approached the…Read more The Case of the Mysterious Cat-Community of Ediz Hook

Like Handing Candy to a Baby: Ruminations on Halloween

Celebrating The 'Ween (Please Start Using That Term) This year was my first year participating in the "trick-or-treating" world of Halloween in probably 15 years. The last time I remember being involved in suburban trick-or-treat culture in any way is when my friend Nolan and I were 12. Like many kids at that age, we…Read more Like Handing Candy to a Baby: Ruminations on Halloween

Summer’s Berries/Winter’s Shackles

This is a recording of rain falling on through the fir trees in the maritime Northwest. The understory of the fir-forest is largely occupied by unfruitful brambles in late October. October Rain On Brambles   Brambled And So Tart Every summer in Washington, the muscly brambles offer up a mild apology to the ecosystem in exchange for…Read more Summer’s Berries/Winter’s Shackles