Area Man Goes to 34 Concerts, Is Still Lost in Prague

Oh, the deep sense of loss that I have covered so much ground without having time to properly write about it. Thus, many of my memories will go unexpressed to you, dear reader. You will never know my surprise and whittling joy at riding an oven-like train for six hours into Romania, or the fear…Read more Area Man Goes to 34 Concerts, Is Still Lost in Prague

Area Man Deceives Band/Audience, Does Live Sound

After nearly two weeks in Vienna watching shows, eating questionable street foods and seeing very large olde buildings, I was offered a special invitation. I had made a friend at a coffee shop, and she had a friend in a band. "Hey, my friend's band had a sound-guy cancel. Can you do live sound?" I could…Read more Area Man Deceives Band/Audience, Does Live Sound

Vienna: Mo’ Money, Mo’Zart

Arriving in Vienna was suspiciously painless. It is almost as though I have finally mastered the art of endlessly navigating new public transit systems. Also, my ability to magnetize strangers to pity/assist me has risen to an all-time high. I have become a beacon of obvious confusion towards which the culturally-moored direct their assistance. I have been…Read more Vienna: Mo’ Money, Mo’Zart

Black Metal In Paradise

CPH, you so crazy. After staying for about a week in one of the "happiest places on earth", I definitely felt as though the dream of blinding and interminable bliss was unattainable for me. Despite my positivity, despite my openness and willingness to smile at olde people (even when they scowl back because they apparently think…Read more Black Metal In Paradise