The Innkeeper Retires: Roll Credits

After 108 mystical days, my service is now complete as the Innkeeper of Alaska. It has at times been frustrating, transcendent, boring, and thrilling. It was uniformly cold. A great portion of my time as the Innkeeper was spent in hiding, reclusively retreating to my hermitage to mutter expletives about the guests under my breath.…Read more The Innkeeper Retires: Roll Credits

Loaves of Sourdough Encased In Ice (Goodbye Alaska)

Apparently spring officially began a few days ago, which feels about right. I had noticed a sharp rise in birdsong, non-lethal temperatures had begun to make appearances, and we were getting about 17 minutes of extra daylight every day. On my morning walk, I noticed that I could at last see chunks of gravel and the…Read more Loaves of Sourdough Encased In Ice (Goodbye Alaska)

The Secret Masters of The Curling Club

The Iditarod came to Fairbanks this year. It's a big deal because the 1,000-mile race doesn't usually begin in Fairbanks, but thanks to shifts in climate (or not), the race was moved northward to the land of ice and snow. While I cannot claim to know the mind that compels a person to stand on a…Read more The Secret Masters of The Curling Club

Innkeeper Diaries: The Final Battle (Act 1)

I have lived through 93 days of Fairbanks winter. I have weathered the weather, the sensation that every vehicle could become a coffin at any moment, minimal daylight, Chinese rescue-operations, social isolation, and dry-cabin life. Each hurdle has been adequately spaced from the others, allowing me to complete this steeple chase relatively well. As I…Read more Innkeeper Diaries: The Final Battle (Act 1)

Laughter Falls Dead on the Tundra

There is one coffee shop in Fairbanks. I mean, there are a handful, but there is really only one true coffee shop. By this I mean a place that has in it's employ at least one condescending barista, (who tried to sell me psychedelics with my first cup of coffee) a horn-rimmed, stick-and-poke barista, and ambient…Read more Laughter Falls Dead on the Tundra

Audio+Word: Majesty Descending

    (Birchlife: Doing Nothing>Keeping Smart Mammals Warm) The stately Birches have been swimming up to the sky since forever. Unflinchingly watching plagues, the rise and fall of empires, and all four Madagascar movies. All this to be hacked up in 2017 by a poorly-handled chainsaw and maul.   Their mangled majesty is stashed inside the nearby cabin…Read more Audio+Word: Majesty Descending

Innkeeper Diary: An Acoustic Witch Hunt

The Innkeeper's eyes are no longer rapidly moving, Just after last night's submersion in the think-tank of dreams, He sat letting fake firelight from a electronic fireplace wash him of sleep. Through quiet study, he saw the flames were well-programmed to appear random, But they, too, followed orders from above. As he consider the overwhelming task…Read more Innkeeper Diary: An Acoustic Witch Hunt