Fire Sale

This is where I’ll sell physical items I have created. So far the list is only one item:


“Super Wizard+Dream Adventure”


I Invented This

You can buy a CD or a Tape! Send me an email if you want one.

How much is it?
Whatever you think is fair.

How many songs are on it?
I think 12. Here’s a tracklist:
1. We Are Fairly Good Animals
2. Kewl King And His Fresh Reign
3. God Needs iPhone
4.Triumph At the Video Arcade
5. I For One Love Our Animal Overlords
6. The Safety Of Bed
7. Riddle Me That
8. Mercurial Burial
9. Dead Folks Is Here, Too (Spirit)
10. Lay-Z River And Taco Tuesday
11. Spiritual Janitor’s Association of the Multiverse
12. Get Gold

Do I Have to Pay For It?

Is It On Spotify?
Are you on Spotify?

What Do You Mean?
Look, I’m a pretty busy fellow. I can’t just hang out and answer your questions all day. I just listed all the tracks for you. That took like 3 minutes.

What are you so busy with?
Well, you know, I’ve got this blog, and I need to refresh facebook pretty regularly. I have to go to the sauna like twice a day, plus making food for myself, and texting people, maybe playing this pretty fun game called Stardew Valley.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard that’s really fun.
Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. So anyway, are you gonna buy this CD or what?

I mean, probably not. I really like you, but I will realistically not actually listen to the CD.
Still, you could buy it and support my lifestyle and creative endeavors.

Yeah, but you don’t even have a streamlined way to just buy it, or even a price. You just have a long series of weird sentences. It’s not a great marketing technique.
Yeah, I hear that. I guess I just figured, you know, people would really appreciate that I wasn’t conforming to normal “business” channels and so on. I was trying to be artsy, or authentic, I guess? I’m not really sure.

Yeah. It seems like you’re pretty close, but it also seems like you’re just being lazy. You know, you created a cool thing, but you can’t just give up once it’s done and expect people to come hounding you to throw money at your free-wheeling artistic whims.
Yeah, story of my life, bud.

Yeah. So you gonna buy it or…?