Oh, the deep sense of loss that I have covered so much ground without having time to properly write about it. Thus, many of my memories will go unexpressed to you, dear reader. You will never know my surprise and whittling joy at riding an oven-like train for six hours into Romania, or the fear that every single Romanian at that train station wanted to kill my friend and I. You shall not know my brief life on the farm of Transylvania under the supervision of a Vampire. I have lost the time to reflect on getting drugged and robbed in Budapest, sneaking into the bathhouse, or meeting a physicist who is building a gyroscope in the basement of a bar, at dancing to ska on a boat, or getting locked out of my shit-ridden house in Prague last night.

I am somewhere fumbling toward being halfway into this European excursion, and I have been to somewhere around 30 concerts in the last 50 days. I’ll just list things out, because we’ll both enjoy that.

Best Band: Yasmo & Die Klangkantine (Vienna)
Other Best Band: Nemulass (Budapest)
Best Musical Discovery: Lajko Felix (Just Youtube him, it’s fine)
Best Venue: A38, Budapest (A boat! With concerts!)
Weirdest Show: Some basement I stumbled into in Prague with a dude with a black chef’s hat pulled over his face playing a looped guitar made out of a gasoline can. I think he was called “I AM BREASTMAN”.
Show I felt most out of place at: Every metal show where I wore my baby-blue t-shirt
Best Street Performer: Giovani Agostina, Dublin (Because if you can finger-pick and samba-fy Adele songs enough to make me like them, you are a wizard)
Runner up For Best Street Performance: Two people that led me to believe they were visiting Budapest from Prague and they wanted to have a drink with me for fun and NOT because they thought it would be a good occupation to drug people and take their cash.
Best City For Music: Budapest
Least Dancy People: Danes
Most Dancy People: Czech? But they might actually need to kind of reign it in.
Biggest Surprise: Math Rock-y band Fix the Sky (Copenhagen)

That seems like a good start, right? So there you have it! All this wisdom is brought to you live from an apartment in Prague where I am staying where two 20 year olds with the most annoying cat in the universe, Balthezar. And it smells EXACTLY like an apartment infested by two 20 year olds and all the inability to care for themselves and an animal that goes along with that.

Prague gets a lot of praise, so we’ll see what happens. So far I suspect there will be many malcontents and creepyarts. As the journey continues, I will say thus:


Music is pretty cool. I’ve been seeing bands from all over the world play shows for almost two months, now. Sometimes they are mathy and weird and obtuse and no one is dancing, and they are thrashing their hair and screaming into microphones. Sometimes they are filling the room with the holy ghost or some kind of frantic dance energy and smiling. Sometimes they are older ladies. Mostly they are young kids. I’ve been an outsider at almost all of them, but magically, nobody can really see that you’re an outsider if you’re enjoying the music.

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