Two Chinese brothers came to town.

Later, they were cousins.

Then, later later, they were brothers again.

Who shared two small poodles.


I liked the older one’s sweater.

It had a regular tiger spilling out of the neck,

Not especially fierce,

Though I know tigers are more than just a quantity of “fierceness”.

He was a smoker, too.

It bothered his counterpart.


The younger man was a radio-host.

I had no idea if he had a voice

For radio.


They offered me tea.

“It is from a 500 year old tree” they said.

“The leafs are age for 20 years” they said.

It was very fine, and I drank it,

Trying to appreciate it,

But resembling an ogre in an opera house.


I, Chinese Husband


They gave me a Chinese name, and it meant “husband”.

I later found out that tiger sweater was worth more than my car.

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