Cicadas in New Orleans’ City Park


“Welcome to the south” they seem to say.

Some people seem to regard the war-cry of the cicada as warm reminder of home. In the way that the smell of a campfire signals winter, the call of a cicada signals summer.

For me, I think the cry of cicada has more in common with being trapped in a house-fire: terrifying and everywhere at once, with no clear source.

What a cicada is, I really have no idea. But apparently, (and I could TOTALLY be wrong) cicadas have a part of their exoskeleton called the tymbal that they “buckle” to make a “pop” kind of sound, only they do it 300-400 times per second. Inasmuch as these tiny dudes can easily outperform a high-end speaker system in terms of volume with the same amount of energy, they are definitely a curious musician of the natural world. Even the Navy is trying to unravel the science behind the cicada, presumably to kill other humans, which is too bad.

I noticed that even played backwards, the song remains the same. Behold!

Once more! Backward!





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